Ed & Anne Farber

Posted on October 4, 2012

Ed & Anne Farber

Ed & Anne Farber

It’s a joy to spotlight longtime temple members, Ed and Anne Farber.  Ed was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, where a large Jewish community filled three temples.

His parents, of Polish descent, gave him and his three brothers  a conservative Jewish upbringing. They all were Bar Mitzvahed.  His dad served in the Army during WWI.  After the war, he owned a retail store featuring men’s clothing.  At one time, his mom matched and mended stoles and furs.  Ed graduated high school one semester early – with extra credits on top of it! He served a year in Korea in the Army before doing his studies primarily in the area of science at Drake University and engineering at Iowa State College. A three week hospitalization interrupted his schooling, yet thankfully Penicillin had just been released and it saved his life.  With health restored, Ed came out west to see what winters were like. He’s been in California ever since!

Anne was born and raised in Washington, D.C. and was lucky to have a stay-at-home mom. Her dad was a tank instructor in WWII. After the Army, he worked in the industrial food industry eventually running, with his brother, a California based plant. Anne’s parents emphasized the importance of a good education, so it’s no surprise Anne became a school teacher and her brother a Police Chief. Before college, though, at the early age of 18, Anne already had an FBI security clearance and worked for the Navy Department doing office work to support the moving of the 7th Fleet around Korea.  Then it was off to college at George Washington University and San Jose State where she earned an Education degree.  Over the years, Anne taught 3rd graders in Long Beach U.S.D., subbed in Ocean View and Westminster School Districts after having children, and also taught for 22 years 4th through 6th grade at the local Hebrew Academy where she was named Teacher of the Year.

Ed worked in Long Beach for Douglas Aircraft for more than seven years as a machine operator and then as a research & development technician. He earned an Associate of Arts (AA) degree in TV electronics during that time. Yet people knew Ed professionally more as the man who for 42 years owned Lewis TV Electronics Sales & Repair on Main Street in Huntington Beach.   A leader in the industry, Ed was part of the small steering committee that made cable installation a reality in HB and five surrounding cities.

Ed and Anne met at a Jewish singles event in Long Beach, CA.  The two wed nearly 53 years ago (Mazel Tov!!) and have two daughters – Pamela and Carolyn. Carolyn works for the county in alcohol and drug prevention. Pamela owns a business that provides essential services for small businesses.  Raising such wonderful daughters, say Anne and Ed, is their greatest accomplishment! For so many of us who know the Farbers, we say another great accomplishment of theirs is the laughter they have given to so many of us. Anne says she got her sense of humor from her dad who loved to tell jokes and funny stories. He was even approached by Hollywood to write comic skits.

As we celebrate Temple Beth David’s 50 year anniversary this month , it’s fitting to spotlight people like the Farbers. They helped start Hillel Synagogue which eventually merged with TBD to create what we all enjoy today. At both synagogues, Anne served on the sisterhood board as president and nearly every other position. Socially the couple enjoys their Chavurah and the many friends they’ve made along the way.  They also enjoy numerous hobbies.  Ed has a real knack for growing tomatoes – one bush recently yielded more than 100.  Anne enjoys arts and crafts – especially jewelry and card making.  They’ve traveled to places like Spain, South America, Mediterranean, and Alaska. Yet they also love just being around town, frequenting favorite restaurants, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying Temple Beth David.  And we at Temple Beth David are all the better for it!