What is a Chavurah?

One of the many benefits of Temple membership is to be part of a Chavurah – a group of usually about 8 to 20 people with similar backgrounds or interests. The group defines its own schedule most gather once a month and enjoy all kinds of festivities. Some are purely social while others also delve into Jewish topics for shared learning. It’s a special way to make lifelong friends. We will soon start a couple of new Chavurahs. If you’ve filled out the interest form, we’ll be in touch with you very soon.

For others interested in being in a Chavurah, please let Membership Committee Member Florence Sudakow know by emailing her at [email protected] or filling out the Chavurah Interest Form.

Chavurah Spotlight

This month (January), we feature a special Chavurah that has been around for well over a decade. Their members range from 50’s to late 80’s, marrieds and singles, and they have faithfully been meeting every month to enjoy one another’s company.

Each January they plan out their entire calendar for the year. Annually, they have a bowling night, a Chanukah party, a poolside BBQ, and a July 4th party. They’ve also gone to museums, plays, the symphony, botanical gardens, and enjoyed many long walks and Jewish related programs, as well. One of the many nice aspects of their Chavurah is that if a member has guests in town during a gathering, the guests are warmly invited to attend.

Members include Stella Unger, Allan & Sally Mann, Jack & Ellen Collender, Jeff & Sue LeBoff, Karen & Steve Hertz, Erwin Greenfield, Betsy-Ann Toffler, and Lee & Elaine Netzer. Though Sue Shapiro moved away, they love when she can make it, as well. The group lost Murray Segal to cancer years ago, yet keep him very close in their thoughts.

Chavurah Testimonials

We just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for a wonderful get-together. You are all wonderful friends, and we are so thankful to be a part of you all. Looking forward to seeing again next month. We love you very much.”
~ Robin and Mulu Harrison

It was so wonderful to see you all today. The Mezuzah hanging ceremony was so special, thoughtful, and will last in our memories for a lifetime. We want to thank everyone who was present to share this experience with us and for making it so meaningful. We feel so welcomed and hope to continue to make lasting friendships.
~ Love, Smith Family (Dave, Susan, Sophia, and Emma)

I especially appreciate the closeness we share. It’s like an extended family …they always keep you in mind. When someone is not doing well, we are there for them. In good times, we are also there. We care about each other. And for those whose immediate families live far away, this Chavurah is their local family!
~ Eileen Tobey

We joined Temple Beth David in 2010 and were soon welcomed by the Chai Life Chavurah. It helped us get to know people on a more personal level and as a result, we’ve made some good friends and helped create an even greater sense of community within our temple.
~ Erika Pogrund

I like being in the Chavurah because I feel so relaxed with the group. I especially like how supportive everyone is of one another. We have a very mixed group in age and backgrounds and it is a joy to be part of this small very cohesive Chavurah.
~ Stella Ungar

The Chavurah experience is helping us to get to know our fellow temple members at an even deeper level and in the process, we’re making new friends. Our eclectic group has so many different hobbies that we’re excited to explore! We’re having a lot of fun and look forward to going through many life cycle events together.
~ Keri Gee Semmelman

The best part of being in a chavurah group like ours is the schmoozing and discussions after the eating. The life stories, opinions, feelings, and points of views of the different people are fascinating.
~ Yehuda Treiger

Chavurah Interest Form

  • Please list a few key words that indicate the kind of Chavurah that you like to join (e.g., singles, married, with children, without children, intergenerational, age range, interests, geographically close, etc.).