The Cantus Family

Posted on January 10, 2013

Sable and Laurie Cantus met when they were enlisted in the army and stationed at Fort Huachuca in Arizona.   It was during a Rosh Hashanah service held in a trailer off base when Laurie first saw Sable playing, you guessed it, his guitar at the service.  After several years of being just good friends, they realized that they were much more than just a passing tune in each other’s lives and decided to marry and create a beautiful song together.

Sable and his brother were raised in the South Bay area by a single mom and after high school and after several ventures, Sable joined the army as an infantryman.  After a year of training, he decided that music and being Sable-and-Laurie-Cantus-300x240around music people suited him much better so he joined the army band as a trombonist and for four years played throughout the United States and overseas in Bosnia in support of the troops.  “It was a good time for me to become a musician”, says Sable.  During that time he was also able to earn his bachelors degree in business management.

Laurie grew up in Sarasota, Florida and in high school joined the Junior ROTC program.  She loved that so much that she then joined the National Guard.  After high school she attended the University of Colorado and after three semesters decided to join the Army.  During her 12 years of service she attained the level of Staff Sergeant — one level above a Sergeant.  Her area was in communications, primarily in support of the cabling infrastructure.   Of the many countries and experiences she had in the Army, she remembers most fondly her time in Germany where she had the opportunity to support several high-ranking officers with their projects.  She also liked very much the people of Germany and how friendly and welcoming they were.

Sable went on to earn a Masters Degree in Music at Cal State Los Angeles and had a part time job on campus in the computer lab.  That job was the “foot in the door” he needed to eventually land him a full time job on campus in the IT department in support of the Desktop and network infrastructure. He currently works at Rio Hondo College in Whittier in the IT department where he works on IT projects, manages systems, and conducts all the faculty and staff training.   Sable also teaches a class on home recording and audio at Golden West College in Huntington Beach.
Laurie earned a B.S. Degree in Human Services Management from the University of Phoenix and created Go2girls, a company that provides online business support for online entrepreneurs. Among the many services it offers are building web sites, email marketing, electronic newsletters, and virtual events.   She has a contracted staff of 16 that supports the business, and her clients tend to be business and life coaches.

Since joining TBD in 2007, Sable has been singing in the choir and playing various instruments during Shabbat ALIVE! and at other various events during the year.   Their oldest boy Jacob goes to Hebrew School, middle boy Ethan goes to preschool, and their youngest boy Liam will go to preschool soon.

It wasn’t until the age of 25 when Sable first met his father.  “Looking at him was like looking through a mirror and adding 23 years,” says Sable referring to the surreal experience the first time they met.  “The way you stand, your body type, is exactly the same.”

Laurie’s hobbies include hiking, scrapbooking, playing puzzles, and baking.  Sable likes playing video and board games, playing music, and reading science fiction.

The Cantus’ are a remarkable couple juggling family responsibilities with business obligations and TBD hopes to have a long relationship with them for many years to come.