Remembering the Holocaust with Auschwitz survivor Bernard Sayone

Posted on April 1, 2014

As Jews, we can never let ourselves forget the tragedies that occurred during the Holocaust. These darkest days in human history witnessed the loss of 6 million Jews, 5 million others, and entire families devastated.  At Temple Beth David, we have had a number of people who either survived the Holocaust or who have family members who did.  Sadly, with every year, we lose another survivor.  It is imperative that we hear the live testimony of those who can recount their personal experiences.  As a synagogue, we are committed to ensuring that our stories are told, our loved ones are not forgotten, and that the younger generation understands the impact of the Holocaust on our people and history.  It is on Sunday morning, April 27 at 10:00 a.m., we will commemorate Yom Hashoa, the day set aside for remembering the Holocaust.

Bernard Sayone, member of Temple Beth David, will be our featured speaker.   Bernard was born in Poland in 1922 and as a teenager witnessed Hitler’s specially trained military invade his hometown of Kelce. The Nazis burned down the town’s synagogue even as it was filled with Jews. Bernard and his family fought ever day for survival.  Even as they were forced into a ghetto with severe restrictions, they worked and tried to live. One day, Bernard and his family were sent to Auschwitz. This is where Bernard faced daily horrors, death, and tragedies. He even came face to face with Dr. Joseph Mengele and his horrific experiments.  As an eyewitness and victim, Bernard has personally seen and experienced the great evil that man can do to man.  It was only his desire to live that gave him the strength to obey orders and try to stay as healthy as possible.  With hope still in his heart and the sign of a rainbow in the sky, Bernard miraculously survived Auschwitz.

Bernard Sayone married in Germany and moved to the United States.  As the proud father of a son and daughter, Bernard made a life here in America.  Living for 55 years in Colorado, Bernard Sayone has been speaking for 40 years about the Holocaust.  He wants to counter anti Semitism by making people aware of what happened under the Nazis.  Bernard was a leader in Denver and throughout the state of Colorado.  He was a friend of the governor, instructor for teachers, and admired by many who see him as man of incredible courage, resiliency, and strength.

Bernard will share the story of his life at our Yom HaShoa commemoration on Sunday morning April 27 along with our choir and youth leading the service at 10:00 a.m.  Feel free to invite your neighbors, teachers, classmates, and friends to this very, very important morning.