We’ll be cooking!

Posted on August 1, 2014

In Pirkei Avot, chapters of our fathers, Rabbi Elazar ben Azaryah said, “Ein Kemach, Ein Torah.”  This translates literally as “Without flour, there is no Torah.”  We understand this verse to mean that without sustenance, there can be no study, no learning, and no Torah. We need food and drink to live and only when we live without fear of hunger or thirst, can we devote ourselves to higher pursuits such as study.  Our rabbis two thousand years ago recognized this and we know today that for Judaism to flourish, we need resources to meet our basic human needs.  It is through donations today, that we have a building to shelter us from the sun, funds to run our air conditioning in summer, heat in winter, and for some time, we have been hoping to have a kitchen in good working order.

Did I say kitchen?  Well, as many of you know, this past year, there has been a major fundraising effort to remodel our aging kitchen.  Anne Farber initiated a dream to fix up our kitchen.  She ended up chairing our very successful kitchen committee.  Ruth Kramer, with the support of the amazing women in our Sisterhood, embarked on raising money to make this dream a reality.  And under the leadership of Garry Plotkin and his countless hours managing this project, along with many volunteers, the kitchen has been torn down to its cement walls, and brand new plumbing, electrical wires,  flooring, and stainless steel cabinets and appliances have been installed.  Most significantly, though, over half of our congregation has donated to our kitchen!  Through your help, we have raised almost all the funds necessary for a complete remodel.

On Friday night August 15, we hope to celebrate our new kitchen with a ribbon cutting ceremony during our summer synaplex evening celebration.  It is through your generosity, that no one will go hungry at Temple Beth David.  We’ll have delicious latkes at Chanukah, hamantaschen at Purim, wonderful brunch at the Sisterhood Fashion Show, delicious Brotherhood BBQ on Shabbat, and delectable onegs on Friday nights.   It is with your support, your donation of ‘kemach,’ we will all be nourished and able to sing, pray, and study for years to come.