Pray, learn, eat and schmooze at the Lay Led Minyan!

Posted on January 1, 2015

Some of you are aware that every Saturday morning at Temple we have a wonderful gathering called the Lay Led Minyan beginning at 9:00 a.m. Members and guests arrive to discuss and debate the Torah portion of the week, pray the morning service, socialize, and eat. The beauty of our Lay Led Minyan is that Hebrew or Judaic knowledge is not necessary. The service is informal, the discussions are in English, and the people are fun to be around. The dress code is super casual, i.e., just be comfortable. I’m always impressed by the camaraderie, laughter, and how welcoming our participants are to new comers. Larry Matalon does a beautiful job leading our service and brings his knowledge, compassion, and love of Shabbat to every morning service. The Lay Led Minyan is great for those who want to meet other members in a smaller group setting, learn more about the Torah or prayers, say kaddish on behalf of a loved one, or just hang out. One can come every week, a few times a year, or just once to check it out. There is no obligation or cost. What a great way to celebrate Shabbat! Once a month I join them to lead a Torah study.
Here are some comments from those who participate regularly.

“Minyan is such a wonderful way to greet the morning, and get it off to a great start. It’s both spiritually enlightening and uplifting.” ~Robin Harrison
“Spiritual in shorts, calming atmosphere, no pressure, Lots of chat… everyone participates, relaxed, informative, new friends, discussion, discussion, discussion, new ways to look at old passages, intimate, yummy oneg.” ~Joel Berman
“Weekly Torah study with open exchange of ideas and discussion is stimulating and gives insights one might not have when reading alone or listening to the bima reading. Great comaraderie, too!” ~Jeannie Keleman