Kim Zabinski

Posted on December 2, 2015

It’s been my honor to work with Kim Zabinski for the last 12 years at Temple Beth David.  I have always appreciated her gentle personality.  I’ve never seen Kim once lose her temper even at times when we would all understand.  There is a quiet dignity in the way she interacts with others.  I’ve seen her great compassion towards our members and staff.  I’ve also appreciated her ethics and kindness over the years.  I don’t know anyone nicer than Kim Zabinski.

Kim has been working at Temple Beth David for 19 ½ years.  That’s a long time. She served as the Temple secretary and then moved up to the Office Manager position.  We have seen her personal life change from being married to being married with a lovely daughter, Noelle.  We all know how important being a mother is to Kim.  She is loving teacher and model for Noelle.  Family is central to Kim.  She is also a caring daughter, sister, aunt, wife, and mother.

We wish Kim only happiness in this new phase of her life.  We will miss her smile and her presence.  We pray for blessings and health for Kim and her wonderful family.