Temple Beth David Trip to Israel or Europe?

Posted on January 1, 2017

It was only a few years ago that we took members of Temple Beth David on a trip to Israel in March 2014. Andrea Tabor has been asking me to arrange another Temple trip oversees either to Israel or Europe. We are thinking of spring 2018 but that really depends on you. Here are some reflections on our experience of Israel from a few years ago.

“Every time I go to Israel it is in many ways like going home, it is welcoming and comfortable to be in the only country where what we do as Jews is the norm and the way of life.” Charlie Niederman

“Right as we touched down in Israel I knew I had landed in a special place when they said “Shabbat Shalom” over the intercom on the plane. I never heard these words outside of temple, a family gathering or camp… I had a feeling that I’ve come home and that I belonged.” Faith Pantel

“It is not too often an event, trip or project comes out better than you thought it might. Well our trip to Israel was so much better than I dreamed it to be. It was like everything I had learned about or saw pictures of came to life and it just felt good to be there.” Teri Roth

Are you interested in a congregational trip to Israel or to Europe? Interest list is forming and trip will be designed with the dates of those attending. Contact the rabbi with your questions or interest: [email protected]