Relive the Israelites trek through the wilderness!

Posted on May 1, 2017

What would it be like to be an Israelite newly freed from Egypt traversing the desert? Have you ever wanted to meet Moses, Miriam, or Moses?

Well, you will have this opportunity on Tuesday night, May 30, starting at 7:00 p.m. Just by showing up, you will instantly become one of the Israelites newly freed from Egypt. Crossing the sea of Reeds, you will rejoice with Miriam, Aaron, and Moses as you begin your trek through the wilderness. It will not be easy though for there will be challenges of hunger and a need to forage for food. As a descendant of the ancient Israelites, you know that Jews like to complain a lot so be prepared to voice your doubts to the leaders of our people. Complain loudly about the lack of food and water and when Moses takes too long at Sinai, build a golden calf with Aaron.  Repent as a people and receive a new set of laws.  Wander the wilderness, send out spies, and have hope of making it to the Promised Land!

The evening of Shavuot will be an engaging and interactive journey. We will literally reenact the Israelites trek through the wilderness by walking through the park next to the Temple. There will be a map and different stations where we will experience elements of the Israelites’ long trek through the wilderness. The trek will be about 45 minutes long. With the sad death of Moses, the
Israelites will return to the sanctuary (the Promised  land) and hear Aaron’s son chant the Ten Commandments. Immediately thereafter, we will enjoy cheesecake in the social hall.

Shavuot, one of the three main pilgrimage festivals, celebrates the revelation of Torah at Sinai. Jews traditionally eat diary on this holiday as a reminder of the Garden of Eden where we lived in
harmony with the animals, of Israel as a land of milk and honey, and because some of the laws given at Sinai taught us about keeping kosher. As a conclusion, we will have cheesecake and other
goodies to celebrate Shavuot and Torah.

Our Shavuot program will be fun, family friendly, and creative. Please RSVP to Temple office.  Come as you are or in biblical attire. We have forty years of history to walk through! If want a part in advance, contact me directly @ [email protected].

Chag Sameach!