New Model for Dues

Posted on June 1, 2017

For over fifty years, we are a community that supports one another in times of need, celebrates the joys of life, prays, and learns within a Reform Jewish congregation.  We are fortunate to have outstanding music for Shabbat, High Holy days, and festival services. Our preschool prepares our children to excel in elementary school and beyond. Our religious school gives our students Judaic knowledge and a love for Judaism.  We have meaningful Bar/Bat Mitzvah services and dynamic youth groups for teens. For our adults, we have ongoing lectures and educational opportunities along with an active Brotherhood and Sisterhood.  Social action and caring for others is practiced year round and we also have creative holiday and worship experiences.  Life-long friendships are made here.  Knowledge is deepened as we find meaning in Jewish tradition and take joy in seeing our values passed down, l’dor v’dor, from generation to generation.

In the Torah, our people desired to build a miskan, a sanctuary, where they could come together and worship God. Moses asked for anyone, yedvenu lebo, whose heart moved them, to contribute to the building of the mishkan. The Israelites stepped forward and gave to the best of their ability. Moses ended up having more than enough to build our people’s first house of worship. The ancient Israelites provide us with a model of how people can take an active role in their community.

We are blessed at Temple Beth David with members who give of their resources and time to make our synagogue a home where Judaism flourishes. We all have different strengths and gifts to contribute to our community. We welcome you, regardless of the level of contribution you can make. We value you as a person and hope that you will become active in our community and find belonging within our Temple family.

For those of you already connected, consider passing this information on to your friends and family. We look forward to growing our congregation with people with good hearts and minds.

As the rabbi of Temple Beth David since 2004, I, along with our dedicated lay leaders and staff, thank you for choosing Temple Beth David.