Come Celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday in Israel!

Posted on October 31, 2017

…and learn about its role as the birthplace of the three main world religions

April 12, 2018- April 22, 2018

“Every time I go to Israel it is in many ways like going home, it is welcoming and comfortable to be in the only country where what we do as Jews is the norm and the way of life.”  Charlie Niederman

I am excited to lead our trip to Israel this upcoming April!  I’ve designed this trip for both newcomers and experienced visitors to Israel.  You are welcome to join us whether you are a member of Temple Beth David or just feel a connection to our community.

We will explore the Old City of Jerusalem with its sacred sites to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  There will be festive Shabbat celebrations.  In Jerusalem, we’ll enjoy a tasting tour of the Arab market and enjoy shopping opportunities.  There will be unique opportunities to learn about the religious diversity of Israel in history and current day.

In Haifa, we’ll learn about the Druze community, view the famous Baha’i Gardens, and learn about the plight of Jewish refugees coming to the land before it became a state.  We’ll enjoy wine tasting and great Israeli food.

Then in Tel Aviv, we will stand with Israel as the Memorial Day siren sounds all over the country and visit the Rabin center.  This is dedicated to the history of democracy in Israel.  And we will celebrate Israel’s birthday with music and dancing as fireworks light up the sky.

On the Western Wall: “You see pictures of it in books, and in the news you see people praying there, but when you are right next to it and can touch it, a whole different feeling came over me…I just stared at the wall and realized Israel is my home as well as the United States and I will always feel that way.”  Lynne Horn

For more information:

http://www.arzaworld.com/Temple-Beth-David-of-Westminster-CA-Celebrates-Israel-70th-Led-by-Rabbi-Nancy-Myers.aspx or call ARZA world customer service:  888-811-2812

Also, join us for our Israel information meeting on Wednesday night, Nov. 15 at 7:00 p.m.

I hope you can join us.

Rabbi Nancy Myers

I agree that visiting Israel can seem like going home, but one where there is always something new to learn or see, even in such a small country.  Cathy Niederman