Member Spotlight

Bob & Phyllis Postman

If you’ve ever wondered whether there were Jews in Scotland, you need only ask Temple member Phyllis Postman who is proof there were…and there still are. In the 1960’s Jews in Glasgow, Scotland numbered 15,000 and now that mighty small number has dwindled to fewer than 6,000. So how did Phyllis, born and raised in Continue Reading »

The Kern Family

Huge hearts.  Helping others. Honorable careers in the health field. Happy to hike to beautiful sunset vistas. These are only a few of the things that Drs. Aaron and Leslie Kern have in common. They were both born in Glendale and raised in the San Fernando Valley, California; have two siblings; completed some of their Continue Reading »

Toby Ach

Writer’s Note: While listening to speeches during Toby Ach’s going away party, I learned so much about her that I didn’t already know. Others around the table echoed the same sentiment. So this month’s column is dedicated to Toby Ach who recently moved out of state. Yet there’s another reason to spotlight her this month. It’s to Continue Reading »

Mickey Lewin

One of the luckiest experiences in Mickey Lewin’s life was when she won $5,000 in the Arizona lottery. While the odds were low for her to win, I can tell you that the odds of temple members being lucky enough to be on the receiving end of Mickey’s sweetness is definitely good. She is a Continue Reading »

Alan & Erika Pogrund

Years ago a local Jewish group annually presented “The Hineini Award.” The word Hineini, I would soon find out, meant “Here I Am” in Hebrew.  The organization gave it to people who spoke up and said, “Here I am…I’m ready to help make a difference.”  What a powerful concept. While I don’t know if the Continue Reading »

The Berzak Family

For some, the seventh inning stretch only happens when they venture out to a professional ball game. However, for decade long temple members Scott and Barbara Berzak, it has been a weekly and at times daily occurrence as their athletic daughters Paige and Rachel play competitive softball in such places as Tennessee, South Dakota, Illinois, Georgia, Vegas Continue Reading »

Christine Taxier

In the spirit of September – a time when so many students around the world return to the classroom – who better to feature in our monthly spotlight than one of the many Temple members who has “teacher” as a profession. Christine Taxier is a longtime educator who became a member of Temple Beth David Continue Reading »